Weekly Announcements: 10/22 — 10/27

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Weekly Announcements: 10/22 — 10/27

See the band calendar and more at: http://www.smelancerbands.com
Mon: 7p Tues : 7p Wed: ODD Thurs: EVEN Fri: 7p

Marching Band now meets at 7:40 am inside. Congratulations on a great season! We are proud of the hard work you’ve put in this year, and how we finished the season strong.

Monday, 10/22, 7:40am
– Marching Band: Listen to judges’ comments & address equipment/instrumentation needs for concert bands

Thursday, 10/25: Home Football Playoff Game & Glow Show ‑‑ Yes, it’s back (with some conditions)
– Students dress in all‑black & decorate yourselves in LED battery‑powered lights ‑‑ dollar stores have great prices on lights
– We perform after the football game in the dark!
Students must perform the show exactly as written/choreographed. It is critical for the safety of the performers and the integrity of the show.
– Students making poor decisions will be immediately pulled from the field and suspended from future band activities (possibly the Italy Trip, future concerts, etc)
– Let’s not repeat 2017. Families travel from out of town to watch. The community supports us. Do the right thing.
– Call time @ SME: 5pm
– Full uniform (we still march pregame) ‑‑ wear all‑black t‑shirt or bring a black top to change into

Italy Trip
– If you are bringing a personal instrument to Italy, please fill out the form below. Sorry for the annoying amount of detail needed. We have to do this for every piece of equipment going on the trip! https://goo.gl/forms/5Cbbds426nEjFIW82
– All trip participants, please fill out the Food Allergy/Accommodations form ASAP: https://goo.gl/forms/xa6s7iJSswsnfRgy2
ALL payments are due Friday, 10/26!

Logan Lowrey Care Fund

– Please read the write up on http://smelancerbands.com and donate if you can!

Upcoming Events

– 10/29: Jazz Combo @ Overland Park Mayor’s Volunteer Reception ‑‑ details will be discussed in class
– 11/2: Likely home football game, details TBA
– 11/3: District Auditions, Olathe East HS.
– 11/7: Concert/Symphonic Band Auditions
– 11/10: Jazz Combo @ East Fund Auction, 6pm
– 11/12 & 11/13: Pit Orchestra auditions for Spring musical, “The Little Mermaid”